have been created by a picky mum and dad with a little girl to keep kids and grownups 'going' on busy days. They are PERFECT SNACKS 'ON-THE-GO' or 'BEHIND A DESK', bursting with energy- giving goodness of whole veggies, fruits and Chia seeds.


  • Serving ALWAYS 50/50 premium quality of WHOLE VEGGIES AND FRUITS, in every portion, counting towards your 5 A DAY
  • Organic and Non-GM
  • Packed with TRULY NATURAL FLAVOURS because WE NEVER ADD: refined sugars/sweeteners, any artificial flavourings, colorants, concentrates or preservatives (incl. Sulphur Dioxide)
  • Based on recipes WITHOUT: wheat, gluten, dairy, soya, nuts, salt
  • Make a positive impact not only on ourselves but on our planet too; they’re SUSTAINABLE snacks
  • GENTLY DRIED, never baked or fried
  • VEGETERIAN and VEGAN friendly

 Say 'YES'   to all that is naturally present in ORGANIC FLAKEES' ingredients:  stable energy, fibre, antioxidants,
a whole bunch of vitamins & minerals, proteins, omega-3 (ALA) and ENJOY!